Being Alive .. Engaged, Fulfilled and Impactful.
At HUED, we craft engaging moments and fulfilling contributions into longer-lasting, impactful systems. We design the momentary interactions that reveal lively brands and capabilities.
That’s about you, us, each breathing soul and beating organization.
Mahmoud Abdelrahman
Managing Partner
From innovation and design strategy to touchpoint design, we make the once far-fetched now within reach. Hence enable your people to drive for new frontiers of aspiration.

Stemming from a small Service Design team in 2013, we continue to be Saudi’s first and largest Innovation & Design consultancy.
We worked on multiple levels of revamping experiences, innovating new products and building capabilities of government, semi-government, and large corporates. We aimed at helping each of them lead in a human-centered and innovation-focused competitive world.

Too many names for a human

Whether it's a customer, an employee, a stakeholder, or many of them known as an organization, clients have always approached us to design for "people".

Since day one,

Our design studio has gone from empathy, building user insights, exploring trends into imagining new realities, and diligent evidence-based designs. Our design studio works beyond the brief to deliver craftsmanship that stands the test of complexity and uncertainty.

From designing to building

As much as we are in love with working with our clients on innovation and design transformations, we are inherently passionate about establishing organizational innovation & design capabilities. That may start as small as a spark intervention into a longer-term internal capacity.

From building to breeding

As a pioneer design agency in the region, we have always taken it on ourselves to help build the case for design as well as grow new talents and local capabilities. Over the years, we have been on the leading front of the innovation and design dialogue, enabling community interaction, forming school-to-job-market collaborations with local and international design & technology schools.


Designed & Created for
  • Ministry of Housing
  • Saudi Arabia Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • Ministry of Economy and Planning
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Labour and Development
  • General Authority for Entertainment
  • Council of Economic and Development Affairs
  • Saudi Telecom Company
  • Najm For Insurance Services
  • Human Resources Development Fund
  • Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority SMEA
  • Al Rajhi Company for Cooperative Insurance
  • TETCO - Tatweer Educational Technologies Company
  • Bank AlJazira

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