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Designed & Created for
  • Ministry of Housing
  • Saudi Arabia Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • Ministry of Economy and Planning
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Labour and Development
  • General Authority for Entertainment
  • Council of Economic and Development Affairs
  • Saudi Telecom Company
  • Najm For Insurance Services
  • Human Resources Development Fund
  • Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority SMEA
  • Al Rajhi Company for Cooperative Insurance
  • TETCO - Tatweer Educational Technologies Company
  • Bank AlJazira

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Playful Participation

Part of our unique training experience is immersing all attendees in a fun and creative activities, games, and exercises to welcome and warm up each session. These activities have proven to be Avery effective tool to build higher engagement and unforgettable life long experience.

Practical Tools

This tool will help participants understand how to prototype and creatively simulate particular services and initiatives they’ll be developing in the workshop for each sector. Simulations help people imagine more details and bring solutions to life in a practical and engaging way.

Innovation Toolkits

The Toolkits will be specifically designed for the purpose of the workshop. Every attendee will get their own kit per session where they use the materials, tools, and frameworks to participate in the workshop activities effectively. The toolkit and guidelines could be creative to give away to all participants for later use at their organizations.

Hands-On Exercises

We learn by doing! Our instructors ensure that attendees practice the principles, apply the skills and tools through engaging exercises. This will help in understanding the tools and concepts to easily adopt them when participants go back to their organizations.

Localized and customized content

All of our tools and learning materials will be provided in Arabic or English to meet the local business needs. Every workshop is different, we always to update and tailor our content.

Design Studio

We are constantly trying to make the dent, make the positive difference.
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