10 Learnings in 10 Years (Final Part 5)

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10 Learnings in 10 Years (Final Part 5)

9. No amount of hard work put in careful documentation of UX design solutions will ever be enough (2016)

various development teams (Egypt, India, KSA, Jordan)

Don’t get me wrong. Discouragement is not the message here. As a designer, the idea here is to stay on your toes, never rest even after you may get clues that your job is done. Your job is never done.

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10 Learnings in 10 Years (Part 4)

7. Video demos with voice-over and contextual annotations could be compelling design documentation that most developers would love to engage with (2014)

enterprise platform developers in Beijing, China

Allan Paivio, a psychologist, hypothesized Dual Coding theory in 1971. In a nutshell, theory suggests that recognition and learning could be significantly enhanced by presenting new information in both visual and verbal form.

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10 Learnings in 10 Years (Part 3)

 5. Before your designs go into development cycle, make sure you do rigorous reviews with Product Manager, Development Lead, Testing Lead, a representative User, possibly one from customer support, Agile Project management lead, all in one room (2012)

industry-specific B2B apps development team in the US

No brainer? Well yes, it is. But it often takes more than one may imagine. It requires a bit of skill development to carry out successful validation sessions with all the perspectives being in one room.

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10 Learnings in 10 Years (Part 2)

 3. Hangout with the developers more often than not. Even better, move your work desk closer to theirs (2010)

Enterprise apps development team in the US

Engineering teams turn your vision into something that people eventually benefit from and draw satisfaction from, the end goal that you care about most.

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